if this isn’t love it’s very close

Tim Freedman and 91 other musicians playing together: truly one of the most amazing nights I’ve had.

Music is such an emotive thing. I find that to be so true and absolutely adore the sounds, the feel, the stories, the notes. And to hear the brilliant songs of Tim Freedman played with the accompaniment of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra – well, it was an incredible privilege indeed. Tim Freedman has long been one of the heroes of my life – his musicianship has captured me. Not only his ability to play the piano more, but more the songs that he writes and the stories in them – he writes music that has such life in it. As you listen, you can hear Tim’s life in that song, or you can hear the situation he was in when he wrote the song. Brilliant.

B, Sarah and I shared dinner at a funky bain-marie cafe/restaurant in Circular Quay before wandering over to the Opera House. The seats were definitely awesome. I remember B and I sitting here one Sunday evening for about half an hour trying to work out which seats were the best. And I think we picked good. :)

They played two sets for about an hour each. I think the first set as a whole was the one I enjoyed more – No Aphrodisiac was of course just amazing to hear with a whole heap more musos; Year of the Rat had an amazing amount of energy throughout it, and some very cool xylophone work too; and Fondness was definitely the most emotive song I think I heard all night.

The second was also brilliant, don’t get me wrong. We got to hear the brilliant version of Out The Back that Peter Sculthorpe composed – it has a 5 minute movement in the middle that is just orchestra. The three finish songs (the first finish, then the two encores) were Louis Burdett, The Curse Stops Here and Thank You – I just can’t remember the order. The Curse Stops Here has always been a very favourite track of mine – it’s a Tim solo track, and you can just here the life and feeling and emotion of Tim inside the song as he sings it.

And as a little bonus, we got a little advertising card on our seats as we sat down. The card informed us that Tim Freedman is playing two solo shows at The Basement in December. If there’s one thing that could potentially beat Tim and 91 musicians playing together, it’s Tim on his own.

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    weeee we went to that on saturday night also, was soooo good… as were the jagerbombs after, but the symphony.. beautiful!


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