Blackstump 2007

Blackstump was just brilliant. Such an awesome weekend of music and hanging out with friends. It was incredibly dry, and very very windy. This all equated to some serious dust around the place that choked just about everything. Not quite as bad as the Toowoomba dust, but close.

I didn’t realise quite how many teaching sessions there were on during the weekend. There was always something being taught or spoken about in one of the 4 million different venues around the place. But there was still plenty of time to hang back at the campsite and just relax too, which was welcomed. B2, Nathan, Tim and I were rather bored on Sunday afternoon, and with a pack of cards and a packet of wannabe-Arnotts Assortment biscuits, we created our own card game – quickdraw face biscuit poker. Or something like that. The idea being that you draw one card and whack it up in front of your forehead – whoever has the highest card wins, but not before a round of betting with biscuits as poker chips. Cream biscuits were worth more, and Kingstons were worth the most. Good times :)

Band highlights were definitely Maverick & Revive. Maverick played twice during the weekend, and we even got to see a little interview with two of them and an acoustic song as well. Revive shared with us that they’re headed over to the US in January for a while – presumably to record a new album. So that means no local gigs from them for a while.

Playjerise were the surprise package for me: two guys on acoustic guitars, with an occasional string section. And harmonies. Just awesome stuff, and great voices. Chensee’s been raving about these guys for quite a while now, but I guess I just never really thought I’d like them. But they are something special.

Compliments of Gus were also pretty cool – just pretty much pop rock stuff… but they always look like they have a ball on stage. Their second set on Sunday arvo was quite a laugh when his only guitar broke, and so he decided to go and sit with the drummer and do a drum duet. Their keyboard player is something else though – he mainly plays organ for the songs, but he does it so well. He really knows how to play a B3 properly.

I did buy too many CDs on the weekend – I bought Revive’s EP, The Atlanta Sessions, which they recorded when they were in the US just a couple of months ago; I bought Compliments Of Gus’ double album Neon Show / Live at Baker Street; and I bought Playjerise’s Cross The Line album. B2 and I also scored a free copy of Intone’s EP from a couple of years ago.

There was a bit of a big announcement on Sunday night during the gathering/service… an announcement that was awesome for me, but that had a lot of traditionalists a bit grumpy: Blackstump is moving to the Sydney Equestrian Centre! The best bit being that the Equestrian Centre is only about 10-15 mins away from me… so it will be sleeping in my own bed next year, while still enjoying the brilliance of music and teaching that Stump brings.

All my tweets from the weekend are still up on Twitter if you want to read them.

I finally got home an hour ago after an incredibly detoured journey home with Yoie – we took way too many wrong turns – and I’ve realised that I never actually had any lunch, which would be why I’m so hungry right now.


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