the only plans of mine might sound to you cliché, but I just plan to live the rest of my life

I was having a brief conversation with my friends at the coffee place this afternoon. I was asking them about holidays and such, and they commented that they weren’t taking a break, and probably wouldn’t until later in the year. The guy hadn’t really taken any time off for about 3 years. I found that a little crazy, but he said that he just loves his job.

It lead us into a conversation about my job, and I added that I adore my job. I’ve felt for ages now that if you’re going to spend 80% of your week at work, you need to be doing a job that you like and can find some satisfaction. I personally can’t understand how people can get up and go to a job that they really don’t like. And I must add that that is a very personal though, and a genuine non-understanding of how people can think like that – simply because that’s not who I am.

My coffee friends then said to me that I’m very young, but that I have thoughts of a much older and more mature person. I was quite surprised by his compliment, but very appreciative nonetheless. Surprise because I guess it doesn’t seem like I’m doing anything special – it’s natural in my mind. I do love my job, and I strive to love it everyday. Because if I’m going to be a positive and Godly influence on those around me during my workdays, then I need to be in a job that I like and enjoy.

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    i love the coffee friends.. and i agree, you have to love your job you spend the majority of your time there… and im so happy we are both so happy and settled in our little island of our workplace.

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    Jamez, I wish I could say that I love my job like you. I have stuck out my current role for just over a year now but it has been hard yakka. That however has been part of my challenge at this stage of my life, I really believe that. I have had some really important lessons to learn and you know… I am looking at going back to Uni or TAFE, depending on which one turns out to be the more ideal. It will take me 6 years part time paying off a mortgage whilst I do it and being more than aware of the fact that I will be 33 before I finish my new qualifications, if it turns out to be viable for me to do so, and thus pushing it in terms of having a family. But if there is anything I have learned it’s what you have already picked up, better to be poor and happy than managing your financial goals but not being happy in your job an life in general. Shame it took me until 27 to learn that…


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