good days leading up to the best day.

It has been quite an enjoyable few days. My weekend did indeed turn out great – church on Sunday evening was fantastic and I very much enjoyed being back on the guitar… even if my fingers didn’t very much enjoy the break. I spent the earlier part of the day in Manly doing some organising for Kedron, which went really well too. I just got myself a little sunburnt which was annoying.

Today was work… sort of. I headed in about 9 (in the wonderful lack of traffic) and got some work done that needed to get done. But at about lunchtime the severe lack of motivation got the better of me, and so my boss and I decided to call it a day :) I then came home and promptly napped on the couch for a couple of hours!

Tonight has been hang out time at the House of Bach after a very awesome evening at Church again. We sang some of the best Chirstmas Carols tonight I reckon… and the band played awesomely. I just enjoyed being with my friends and being reminded so clearly of the wonderous, selfless and incredibly loving gift that is Christmas. :D

To look back and think that this baby would one day save me… if only I could find the words to say to let You know how much You’ve touched my life.

And tomorrow I get to spend one of the best days of the year with my family, eating some awesome food and sharing some awesome wine with Dad :) It will be amazing, and I will be enjoying every second of it… because I know that I am a son of the most high God – saved, loved, protected, perfect in His eyes.

I celebrate the day that You were born to die.


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