And with the little things we’ll make 1000 strands to bind myself to you

I had an awesome evening tonight; an evening where God confirmed in my heart that he wants to change and shape me a lot this year. And he’s already done so much… I’m excited [and a little scared] about what else he has in store for me.

As tonight’s sermon came to a close, we were asked to choose to make a covenant with God and fully seek him for the year to come. And as I signed my little bookmark and said “yep, God, I’m on board… let’s roll,” the only words that I had in my head were these:

everything I am and ever hope to be… I surrender to You.

They’re some pretty powerful words… but I like them. And I really¬†want them to be true of me as I say them and as they roll around in my head. I feel like I’m at a new point where I just want to reach out and follow God… and it’s like I finally have realised that if I do that, He won’t let me down. I mean… I known that all along, but I only just feel like I can actually really do it now.

It’s a journey; a journey that never ends, really. But right now I’m on a part of that journey where I’m travelling a lot faster and discovering a lot of new places day after day, all in very quick succession.¬†

Part of me wonders if maybe I’ve grown and done so much in the last 6 weeks that it might calm down and be a bit quieter over the next while. But part of me knows that if I think that, God might just go, “hehe, that’s only the beginning sunshine.” I reckon God’s been enjoying taking me out of my comfort zone and really seeing if I can stand up on my own, and I hope He’s been happy with how I’ve done.

Not that I’m at all complaining about what He’s done in the last 6 weeks. :)


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