filling in time waiting for the computer to do stuff

Still here at work. Had a team meeting that only finished at 5pm, so I thought I’d hang here and do a bit more work before I head home. Now just waiting for a program to finish extracting a pile of info from our billing system so I can finish up a proposal, and then I will be outta here.

Today was such an up and down day. I caught up with Carlene for coffee this morning before work, so by the time I hit the office I was feeling quite good about the day! But as the morning went on, a complex and stupid spreadsheet and some frustrating “I’m more important” customers got the better of me… and so I went for a de-stress walk, without my Blackberry, back to my car to get my iPod (my car is parked about 10 mins from the office… so it was a decent walk). And the arvo actually went pretty well after that. Feeling like I’m really on top of everything so far this month… getting a few different things completed to try and close some big sales really soon so that I’m not trying to meet target in the last few days of the month.

Tonight is young adults BBQ round at the pastor’s house. Should be a tops time hanging out with everyone… very much looking forward to it.

edit: actually, while I’m still here, I think I wanna be frustratrated about something.

carrier #1: $39/mth, 5GB of data usage, free USB modem, 24 month contract, excess charged at 10c/MB
carrier #2: $119/mth, 3GB of data usage, free USB modem, 24 month contract, excess charged at 25c/MB

Essentially, both those products are the same thing – mobile broadband. What’s with that? Now I know there’s a lot more to a mobile service than just price, and all the more so for a corporate customer… but come on. If you work for carrier #2, how the heck are you supposed to sell at a 300% premium with a product that still doesn’t match the competitor’s offer! It certainly can’t be done with “we have coverage in more places”. Sorry, that doesn’t quite make up the missing $80/mth.

Just thought I should share some of my everyday pain with you all :) Report finished. Home time now.

  1. Rob’s avatar

    I’m glad I’m just the guy that makes the product work and thats it


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