done with thinking for a while.

I’m done with thinking for 4 days. How awesome is that.

I was thinking about it at work this arvo. And it was just fantastic to get home from the piano course this evening and just realise that I don’t need to do much thinking at all for 4 whole days. I guess you could say I still have to think when I play keys and bass on Sunday… but that’s creative and very fun thinking, so that doesn’t count.

Tomorrow is just the start of a very busy long weekend though – lots of catching up with people and having great hang-out times. Tomorrow is church in the morning before heading to Debbie’s place for lunch with her family, and then off to hang out at Lexi’s place with a few people catch up with them – been many months since we’ve really caught up, so it will be fantastic.

Right now though, I need to sleep. 


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