fantastically tops weekendige

What a tops day today was.

Got to sleep in, and then head over and hang out with Debbie for a while. We watched GNW from Monday night, which was incredibly hilarious, and then we went for an excursion out to Koorong for lunch and some shopping. I wandered around the bible section for a while trying to work out whether I wanted a Message bible or not, and whether I wanted a parallel Message/NIV or not… in the end I decided to think about it a bit more before spending $50 (how sensible of me – which is not normal). And Debbie has lent me her parallel bible too so I can decide if I would make good use of it.

Later on I headed over to Rouse Hill to catch up with all the Kedron people from the Primary Camp. It was the reunion that had been trying to happen for many weeks… and finally it did :) It was great to see everyone, and even have a short debrief and talk about things that worked and things that didn’t. And then play some silly, but very fun, round-the-circle games. I laughed and talked lots and lots all night, and now have not a whole lot of voice left.

And that’s not really a good thing, cos tomorrow night I’m making my debut on song leading at church. It’s very exciting, but a little nerve-racking as well. I am looking forward to it though :) It will be awesome to catch up for lunch with b beforehand though, and get some tips from the master ;)

And then my weekend will be over… how sad. 


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