Mondays haven’t been too bad of late. That’s mainly been because Monday evenings have been Debbie and my evening for dinner together – so my day has always had something pretty cool at the end of it to look forward to.

Today is doubly good, because as well as hanging out with Debbie soon, I also get to head off to La Porchetta this evening with bible study peoples to enjoy all-you-can-eat pasta! I called it no-lunch-Monday. Good times a plenty shall be had tonight I think :)

Today has just generally been a┬ánice day – the customers have been a bit quiet, and the emails haven’t been overly shocking, which is always a plus, no matter what day of the week it is. I was supposed to have an hour and a half phone meeting at 3pm. And I thought that would be far more bareable from the comfort of my couch… so I began my trek home a couple of hours ago… but just as I was leaving, they cancelled it! So score one for me: I’m already home and just doing a couple more emails before I log out of work and relax on my couch :)

I was trying to chase Turramurra Music up for my keyboard case this arvo, and went to their website to grab their email address. While I was there, I got severly distracted… The Nord C1 Organ. A two-tiered organ with thre modelled vintage organs. It looks stunning, and the sound clips on the site from it are just amazing. But alas, it costs a fortune (about $4.5k) and I really don’t need it. The other distraction was looking at the updates for my keyboard – yep, I can just download a couple of files, and update the sounds in my keyboard to newer samples. There’s even a full OS update being released soon, which is very exciting.

I’ve been really getting into keyboard weeks lately at church. I’m loving the fact that every week I play, I’m always wanting to try something new – last fortnight it was really pushing the B3 organ sound, and using that as a background sorta sound. And this week was doing a fair bit more with syth sounds, and also having a bit of fun with a distorted Wurlitzer (oh how I would love an original Wurlitzer electric piano – their sound would be amazing). And it’s been fun working out how to make the most of the two keyboards, and thinking ahead more to using them at the same time. Loving it.


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