the half time report

Halfway through the long weekend, and it’s been tops.

Yesterday was off to Debbie’s place for lunch with her family and grandparents and aunty too. I got there early after Good Friday church, so I got to have a mid-morning nap on Debbie’s very comfy mattress. The whole meeting extended family thing was made a whole lot easier with Jen and Howie being present, and it was fun being Howie’s teammate to pick on Debbie :D But her grandparents were very lovely and lunch was awesome. And I found out this morning that Grandma approves of me! Score.

And then yesterday was catching up with a few people round at Alexis’ place. A couple of Kedron people, but just a handful of other friends of friends, and it just made for a fun group to hang out with and have dinner. We got to play an awesome game called “Work To Do”, which you play round a pool table with the cue ball and one other ball. Incredibly hard to explain, but it was very energetic and hilarious. Great times.

Today didn’t have much planned during the day – but after a mammoth post 11am sleep in, I picked up Debbie and headed out to Koorong, where I got myself a new bible – I bought a TNIV/Message parallel. I have wanted a Message bible for a while, and in borrowing one for a week and a bit, I decided that The Message alongside an NIV is very, very awesome. And then we headed into Hornsby Westfield to buy some things, have some sushi, and free gelato to finish the afternoon off nicely.

And finally tonight was a catch up dinner with all the Kedron leaders from July last year, plus a couple of welcome extras! We headed to Gordon for some Thai food… and it was just beautiful food. Definitely some of the best massaman beef I’ve ever had. And then a bit of drive further up the north shore to St Ives for dessert at Max Brenner. It was tops to catch up with people… it seems to be the theme this weekend :)

Church day tomorrow. Instruments 2 and 3 will be played: #1 was acoustic on Friday; #2 will be keys in the morning; #3 will be bass tomorrow night. Awesome stuff… can’t wait for it :D


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