the weekend began on Friday arvo

What a busy few days it has been. Friday was quite an awesome day… the morning was filled with quite a bit of work, but as sometimes happens on Friday, after lunch, everyone just switched off and we chilled out a bit for the afternoon. At 4pm was a bit of a function where one of the senior managers was announcing 4 new manager positions for our wider team. And so some of us decided that it would increase the excitement levels if we ran an office sweep! We got all 32 names of the people within Telstra who went for the jobs, and then put them in a hat and ran a $5 sweep. It made for a very fun afternoon :)

Yesterday was a city day – Debbie and I headed in to meet Mum, Dad, my sister and her fiancé at the James Squire Brewhouse on King St Wharf for lunch. Very, very awesome food – I had a steak that was cooked to perfection. Dad had similar and it was also perfect too. It’s so satisfying when you get a steak that is perfect. After lunch we hung out downstairs in the “pub” bit and played some pool and had some laughs which was fun :)

Afterwards, Debbie and I headed up the road a bit to Ultimo to see GNW being filmed! So exciting… I’d been looking forward to this for a long, long time. There wasn’t as much waiting as I’d thought – we met Tom and Howie there at about 4:30, and by 5:30 we were inside on the couches, and then by 6pm we were in the studio ready for them to start taping. They only filmed one episode this week (they have filmed two episodes each filming for the last few fortnights) because they’re having a couple of weeks off – presumeably because of non-ratings easter time. But it was pretty funny. I can’t wait to see it on Monday and see how they edited it together – cos there’s so much that can’t go to air. The most interesting bit will be whether or not the part where Jimoein mooned us from inside the sound-proof booth makes it to air.

But it was a great Saturday all in all! Lots of fun.

And now it is time for me to start making a move… I need to have me some lunch soon, then head down to the church and set up my keyboards, before heading down to the airport to say farewell to Robbie for two years!


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