gaining momentum

Kedron is starting to gain momentum. It was beginning to stress me out a bit in the last week or so… just knowing that we needed to start getting some things happening, and also just having a James moment and wanting things to be more organised than they were – even with 3 months to go :)

Last night I headed round with Carlene to Melinda and Julius’ place for a pretty relaxed evening. We just had a chat about a few things and some ideas that were in our heads, and it was a good evening. I’m feeling hugely more at ease about it all knowing that we have a plan about getting things done between now and camp – albeit a very open┬áplan.

So next week Carlene and I will hang out a bit and drawn up a bit of a plan for the next meeting where we’ll just collect as many activity ideas from all the other leaders as possible, and then we’ll take that away and make a program. Should all go really well, and I’m looking forward to it :)

Definitely can’t wait for the time off work… Mmmmm :)


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