more mini musings

So what’s the Mini really like?

Incredible. It’s an absolute ball to drive. Very, very fun. I need to get used to driving a front-wheel drive car again though. Since I’ve had the Commodore, I’ve always said I prefer front-wheel drive cars… but now I just have to get used to driving one again now!

Just about the only thing I can find wrong with the car (and it’s not really wrong anyway), is that it’s almost got too much power for its little front wheels. It’s very hard to get the power down cleanly, especially when you’re exiting a corner. It handles brilliantly when you’re not accelerating hard, but give it a little push, and the poor thing struggles to keep traction.

But you could say that kinda adds to the fun. Cos the power of the car is unbelievable for a 1.6L. They quote 125kw of power… but cos the car’s so light, it feels like a lot more. And the torque is pretty awesome too – driving along in 5th gear at about 60km/h, and you can put your foot down and it just pulls very, very quickly.

The interior keeps the fun levels high as well: little fun things like “mood lighting” – there’s a couple of LEDs on the roof, and then some lights in behind the door handle, and on the b-pillar as well. And you can change what colour they are!! So cool.

And lastly, and very importantly, the sound system is crazy. It sounds very much like something you’d pay many thousands of dollars for. Actually, perhaps I did. Anyway, it’s just brilliant and very much leaves my Commodore’s stereo sounding like a $20 cassette player from Dick Smith :)

Just wanted to share all that. As you can tell I am still very excited about it. Just about 24 hours old, and I’ve already driven more than 200kms in it. And I’m sitting here on Debbie’s couch feeling quite ancy about not driving it now.


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