in the moment

Everything is happening at the moment.

Aside from the obvious huge thing of marriage and such, Kedron is just around the corner, and I still need to get heaps of stuff done for that. It will be an absolutely massive week, but it will be cool.

But Kedron lands right in the middle of something else huge: I just had it confirmed that I’ll be moving offices – I’m off to Parramatta! :D This is a good thing cos travel time goes from 2 hours per day down to about 45 min per day. There are some farily big internal restructure things happening, and some account executives who sit out at those offices are now coming under our banner, and so we’re providing a mobile specialist resource to support them. And I was the lucky one :)

One of our mobile fulfilment type specialists who I already work with at the moment is coming out with me as well, which I’m stoked about… cos we already work well together and it will be good to keep something consistent.

In the end, the customers aren’t that different to the ones I’ve just gotten used to over the last 6 weeks. The bonus will be that these account executives haven’t ever had mobile specialist resources available to them, so it’s a great chance for me to be able to set the rules about how they engage me in a sale, what I do and don’t do, etc. But the flipside is that they’re quite “amateur” as far as mobile education goes, and so there will be a lot of training, leading and coaching to be done, and that will be my responsibilty.

Knowing that they are going to need a lot of coaching, I felt a little overjoyed when my boss asked me to be the one to head out there. It’s a bit of pressure, cos in the end, I am heading back to management type things, still with the expectation to make mobile sales and hit a $$ figure each month. But it’s all being seen as very positive, and I’m pretty stoked about how it’s all panned out too.

I’m trying to think through a 30/60/90 day plan that I will have to present to my boss in a little while about how I’m going to approach the whole thing and what I want to have acheived by the end of each month. I wasn’t keen on that when she asked for it… but looking at it now, it’s going to make things a lot clearer in my head.

Oh, and this all only surfaced last Thursday… and I will probably start there in a week. :) Here’s hoping that I can actually stay put in one job for more than a few months this time round.


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