Stephen Conroy, Twitter & Telstra

It’s been a big year for Twitter… certainly in Australia. Media coverage has increased about 4 million times. And plenty of celebrities have jumped on board, as well as heaps and heaps of just regular people too. And after probably about 3 years [how do you find out how long you've been a part of twitter?] and some 5400 updates, I’m loving Twitter more today than any other day before it. The big increase in coverage and such has helped me find a bundle more people to follow, and it’s definitely made it a lot more fun. Following lots more people means lots more updates – a Twitter client sits on my PC at work, beeping at me every couple of minutes; I have the same Twitter client on my Mac; I have a client on my iPhone for when I’m not sitting in front of my computer; and I also have a client on my Blackberry. I wonder if I’m addicted?

@stephenconroy was a very satirical twitter account that poked fun at Stephen Conroy, the great internet filtering debate, and just politics in general really. It was cool to follow and laugh at. And if you happen to read any tech news, you will have found out that things have blown up in a big way with regards to that…

Fake Stephen Conroy outed himself as a Telstra employee, and the media loved it. There was all sorts of back and forths, and wonderings if Telstra would stand for it, etc. It blew up for a few days, and then kinda died down. And then a couple of days ago, Leslie Nassar (Fake Stephen Conroy, @stephenconroy) jumped on the end of a joke someone had posted suggesting he should be the new CEO of Telstra! His resulting blog post is here.

I thought it was quite funny. Very satirical, and I thought it was clearly satirical too. But I guess some people in Telstra had pretty much had enough of everything, and so as of this morning, he was no longer employed at Telstra. Essentially he was fired. But the wording and circumstances are a bit disputed: Telstra’s version; Leslie’s version [language warning].

Personally… well, let’s just say that I think it’s wise to perhaps maintain some form employer anonymity online. I probably don’t do the best job of that in my whole online presence, but I’m deliberately quite careful when writing blog posts specifically.

The whole thing been fun to follow; there’s been some very, very funny posts and tweets… and I hope they continue. As for Leslie Nassar – he’s one of the most famous people in Australian tech news right at this moment. I would be incredibly surprised if he doesn’t get himself some form of satirical gig writing for Zdnet or similar. Can only hope.


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