dear holiday: hurry up and be closer.

Having one of those days where I kinda just want it to be over.

It’s the end of the fin year today, and that means the last day to try and make my yearly sales target. Although we have monthly targets that are important, from a yearly review point of view, making 100% or more of your overall year target (the sum of each monthly target) is very important.

As of right now, I’m so close. But realistically, to make the required gap in just one day, or 5 hours, is a big ask. And I just can’t see it happening, and I’m running out of sales opportunities to try and get closed to make it.

Very frustrating to be so close.

And change kicks in tomorrow… my manager, who I’ve worked for for about 3 and a half of the 5 years I’ve worked at Telstra, moves onto a new role tomorrow, and I get a new boss. She’s fine to work for, and we get on well… but it’s still change.

I think I’m just in one of those moods where I just want it all to be over and get back to a “normal” work day. Knowing that a 3 day Blue Moutains holiday with my wife is only a week away doesn’t help.


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