the mid-week fin year turnaround

The new financial year has kicked off, again.

It’s always difficult having July 1st mid-week. Earlier this week was the struggle of finishing off the fin year and trying to make the overall year sales target (which I missed, just). And after that was over, Wednesday kicks in and everything’s all new again.

Wednesday was tough – two of account managers at work were made redundant. Not a happy mood in the office at all. The restructure of people in general has meant that I am only working with 8 acct managers this year, and not 14. Huge bonus for me. But overall, targets are set to go up, and I’m impatiently waiting to find out what they are next week.

Today was all about the sales incentive plan – all the ins and outs on how we get paid commission, what the rules and changes are, etc. And it was also the day when the customer portfolios were announced. Good in some respects, cos some customers came up from what we call “mass market” to be account managed, so there’s lots of opportunity to start selling to them. But it sucks cos some bigger customers moved up, and annoyingly, two of them I had big data networks on the table for. And now I’ve got 30 days to close that sale, otherwise I don’t get paid for it.

But I did enjoy a sleep in and slow start to today, which my new manager wanted us to do. And tomorrow is an outdoor BBQ, meeting, fun type day for all the account managers. That starts at 10:30, and I’ll head there briefly before heading into the city for a farewell lunch for my previous manager.

And then next week will start to pick up, I’m sure.


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