Party conversations from the 90s

It’s been a fairly popular topic on Twitter today, and been giving me quite a few laughs having grown up in the 90s. Here are some of my favourite selections:

  • …but then I blew on the Golden Eye cartridge and it worked on my Nintendo64 again
  • Hey, nice Macintosh. Is it Y2K compliant?
  • They want $300K for a house in Inner Sydney, they have GOT to be dreaming, I’ll wait for the bubble to burst.
  • What the hell? What do you mean no more Big Day Out?
  • Can’t decide if we should get Foxtel or Galaxy… and I’ve changed my phone plan to OneTel.
  • Wow, I really like your cargo pants.
  • Oh come on, nobody would be stupid enough to vote for Bush…
  • Check it out, my tracksuit pants have press studs all the way up both legs.
  • Napster is great! It’s like, 15 minutes and you have a whole song!
  • I like that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted children. Nobody else in Hollywood does that!
  • Did you hear the secret track on Jagged Little Pill?
  • Ace of Base are just as good as ABBA. They’re gonna go a long way.
  • Let’s go to Macca’s.. I feel like Mexican shaker fries.
  • Do you have the new battle Tazo? Can I swap you it for this one of Daffy Duck?
  • Check out my minidisc! One hundred songs in the palm of my hand.
  • Did you see that Starbuck’s is opening up? I’ve heard it’s the best coffee…
  • Who’s Dave Grohl?
  • The new Guns’n'Roses album should be out soon!!
  • I’m so glad Mick Molloy finally has his own show, it’s gonna be great!
  • We’re totally going to the skating rink for my bday! Don’t forget to bring your new rollerblades!
  • Have you tried filling in the holes on a phone card with liquid paper to get free calls?
  • Have you seen my Geocities page?
  • The Sony Playstation’s got nothing on the Sega Dreamcast. Best console ever!
  • The Nokia 3210s are way better than the 5110s – no antenna, *and* it vibrates when it rings
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