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Dad came over this morning, bright and early at 8:30. We enjoyed a nice plunger coffee together while wandering around outside the house talking about various things that would be good to fix or change… And I enjoyed pointing out all the oddities of this house to him. One thing we did discover (which I hadn’t noticed before now) is the gigantic oil tank on the side of the house (the opposite side to the carport). After putting 2 and 2 together, I worked out that it was the tank for what must’ve been an old oil heater that was in the lounge room. (Looking closely on the lounge wall, you can see a patched up square on the floor, plus an unused “chimney” of sorts on the outside wall.) Very interesting! But also exceedingly annoying because it’s still half full of oil, and it really should be drained before it rusts through and starts leaking.

Anyway, we got started on installing the TV antenna – for some reason, this house never appears to have had one! The cable has had to run down the outside of the front wall, but having found some leftover paint in the shed for the house colour, I’ll just paint over it to blend it in. We also talked about and worked on some of the side lighting of the house where our outdoor setting is. For some reason, the cheapo Bunnings light that I bought had died a couple of weeks ago – but it somehow resurrected itself when Dad was here. Annoying. So we wired that up better than I had, and put some of those nice “cool-white” energy saver lamps in all the outdoor lights. I love the light those bulbs create.

The main light that I bought that sits over the BBQ and table is still just running on an extension cord and to a powerpoint, so we worked out a plan of attack for sometime in the very near future to install a second light, and then connect both of them up to a switch on the side of the carport for an ultimate outdoor lighting set up :)

Happy boy I am.

And all done with time to spare before the V8s begin in the NT this afternoon. Ahhh.

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