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Monday morning; and I’m back in the city. Just for a very short visit though.

On Friday evening, I bought myself a gorgeous iPhone on Optus. My goodness is it elegant. Better than I ever could have imagined I think. I only had to wait until about 11:30am on Saturday morning for my number to port across – which is pretty impressive considering the huge amount of mobile network activity across all carriers on Friday. Boy, did the iPhone launch cause some awesome systems failures in Telstra – worse than I’ve ever seen before in my 4 years of working there.

Anyway, all was good. The battery seemed to diminish qute quickly, but I was connected to wifi for several hours, so I shouldn’t complain.

But Saturday night, something started to go a little bad. It looked like my iPhone was taking ages to charge. After leaving it for a while, it seemed as though it just wasn’t charging over 10% before stopping charging. It’d then start charging again when it was almost empty. That was sad. And then last night, it just seems to not be charging at all… even though it has the little lightning bolt icon.

So here I am at the Apple Store, hoping that I will find my hero, and they will fix, or give me a new iPhone :)

Oh yeah… that camp that I’m running.

It’s awesome really. Things started off tough for me. It seemed to just take me quite a while to “be there” as far as mindset goes. It was a very though Saturday night and Sunday morning. But Sunday over lunch, I began thinking program, and started to feel like things were ok, and started to find my place and feel content.

What was cool was that as Sunday went on, I began to realise that the team of leaders this year is nothing short of awesome. I think I’d unknowingly “outsourced” more activities to them to run than ever before, and in the lead up to this week, I realised that and I think that might’ve made me a bit more anxious than previous years. But like I said, as Sunday went on, I realised these guys are fantastic, and they’ve taken the activities and really run with them. So much so that I was not at all worried about not being there this morning… it’s well and truly under control.

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