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Sam had been talking about Indigo Ridge wine for a few months now. He found it at The Rocks’ markets one day a few months ago, raved about it, but then hasn’t been able to find it again since.

You’re able to order cases of their wine from their website… but where’s the fun in that? So with Debbie away for the weekend just gone, Sam and I thought it would be fun to head out to Orange (where Indigo Ridge is) on Sunday to buy some wine. We were greeted by a very friendly middle-aged couple who own Indigo Ridge, and who loved to chat, tell us about their winery, and about Orange too. They are very focused on the land they’re on, and about making the most use of it without damaging it – you should definitely check out their website (even if you aren’t into wine) to see how they are “greener than organic”.

They talked us through their 6 wines and gave us tastings of each – and they were all very impressive. Finding little wineries like this is fun; they don’t sell to bottlos, and basically don’t supply to Sydney at all, except through people ordering wines through their website. They just sell to a few restaurants and boutique bottlos in Orange, and then rely on cellar door buyers (like Sam and I) to sell their wine. They told us they prefer it that way, cos it means they get to meet most customers that drink their wine – I thought that was pretty cool.

Sam and I made mix tapes for the trip… not necessarily for each other – that would be a bit too romantic. Anyway, I was pretty proud of my mix. I thought I’d post the track listing:

  1. The Resolution – Jack’s Mannequin
  2. 1,000 Strands – Eliza Magill
  3. Santeria – Sublime
  4. Thump – Bertie Blackman
  5. The Hard Road – The Hilltop Hoods
  6. Until You’re Over Me – Maroon 5
  7. The Mixed Tape – Jack’s Mannequin (oops, two JM tracks!)
  8. If You Believe Me – Relient K
  9. Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) – Foo Fighters
  10. The Feeling – Kutless
  11. Guerilla Radio – Rage Against The Machine
  12. King Of Wishful Thinking – New Found Glory
  13. Dancing On The Inside – Antiskeptic
  14. Stray – The Ross Irwin Soul Special
  15. Break It Out – The Rocket Summer
  16. Alarm Bells – The Lyrical Madmen
  17. Waiting For Us – The Porkers
  18. Forever Now – Pete Murray
  19. Cailin – Unwritten Law
  20. The Only Exception – Paramore
  21. Lord, Save Me From Myself – Jon Foreman
  22. Song For Elias – The Cat Empire

While it wasn’t deliberate, I just realised that just under half of those tracks are from Australian artists. I do love me some Aussie music.

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