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Look at that, I’m writing something again.

I think I’m becoming a political nerd. Is that a sign of old age? I’d like to think it’s just a sign of being wise and educated.

I followed the leadership #spill very closely on Wednesday/Thursday last week. (Look at that, I’ve become so entrenched in twitter that everytime I write ‘spill’, I have to preface it with a hash.) I’ll admit that I followed it most closely on Twitter, and that’s where I saw it begin to break. But I stayed up on Wednesday night to watch the late news as TV stations began to air the rumours as quickly as they surfaced on Twitter. And I went to bed on Wednesday night with the feeling that Thursday would be a pretty big day in Australia’s history.

(It’s interesting – I love twitter a lot, but I felt a little frustrated when most of TV’s breaking news bits were just things that had surfaced on Twitter. I kinda felt like, ‘yeah, I know all that, I can get all that news… I was hoping you’d have something more for me…’ But I guess that’s the habit that twitter is breeding – instant information and news.)

Our office has a 40-something cm TV hanging from the ceiling. And on Thursday, it came in handy. I got into the office around 8am, turned the TV onto channel 9 (originally ABC, but the majority wanted channel nine), and on it stayed until everyone got bored with Question Time at 2pm, and it went off. Not a whole lot of work got done on Thursday morning. And it was especially cool to see almost everyone in our office stop (and not a single phone rang either) and watch while KRudd gave his goodbye speech.

I’ll reserve my opinion about the leadership change and Julia. Not because I don’t want to share it… it’s just that I don’t think I can write it down in a succinct way here. But most people that know me know that I am a Labour man, and I did love KRudd.

And my second moment of political nerdiness comes from being very excited about this movie hitting channel 10 next month…

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