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The media activity and hype surrouding the parole release of Phillip Lim (one of Victor Chang’s convicted murderers) has been really frustrating me.

Please don’t get me wrong – Victor Chang was a brilliant man; incredibly intelligent, and has done a great wonder of things to do with the heart, and it sucks that he was killed.

However, it very much seems like Phillip Lim’s parole is being opposed by so many people (according to media, anyway) because of the “gravity” of the crime – the gravity being that his victim was Victor Chang. And even though he’s served his 18 years, behaved in prison, he shouldn’t be elligible for release?

Let’s look at this the opposite way – are we saying that if a human murders another human who is known to only 5 or 10 people in this world, and hasn’t done anything widely known with their life, that they are worth any less than a surgeon who’s saved thousands of lives through incredible procedures? Or are they worth any less than a scientist who created a vaccine saving millions of lives?

Essentially, all the thoughts that I have about this situation have been put to publication in an opinion piece over at smh. And I whole-heartedly agree with every word written in the article.

If you are someone who’s been upset or annoyed by the pending parole release of Phillip Lim, please take the time to read this article, understand all the facts of the case, and then rethink why you’re upset or annoyed - is it because Victor Chang was well known?

Should a criminal pay more for his crime because of the notoriety of the person they murdered or harmed?

Parole for Lim, all bar the shouting – [smh link]

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