mmm fast wireless

Published by James on 25 September, 2007 at 6:39 PM.

Managed to hang onto a couple of the cards that were launched today. Have just been doing some speed-testing, and they're not too bad:

Considering the card is 7.2mbps / 1.9mbps, and we're quoting a theoretical peak on the network of 6.0mbps / 550kbps - 1.0mbps , that's not too bad. As for the 7.2mbps - that's the maximum the hardware can do.

For fun, I logged into an FTP server that sits on our network that is great for testing absolute throughput (without any internet hindrances), but useless for realworld speedtesting. I managed to peak at 6.1 mbps down (with avg of about 5.5 mbps) and hit a peak of 1.4 mbps upload (with an avg of just over 1 mbps). Sweet.

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