that bit at the end of a week

And another week comes to an end. I’ve just been hanging out down at the church with the girls. And Chensee and Dave. :) Setting up for the Wisdom For Women event is what they were doing, and I was being helpful!

Had a pretty tops end to a very busy week today – we headed over to Paddington Bowling Club at lunchtime, had lunch and drinks there, and went for a roll on the green too. It was an end of quarter day out celebration type thing for the account team that I’m aligned to and work with day to day. It suited me quite nicely – I’ve only been a part of their team for 2 weeks! But it was great of them to still invite me along – gave me a good chance to get to know some of the acct executives a bit more.

But my week in general was just crazy… incredibly busy. The thing that’s killing me is going on a customer visit at least once per day, if not twice. That doesn’t sound all that bad in itself… but even an hour long meeting needs two hours – half an hour each side for travel time. And you come away from that meeting with some stuff to do, but you need to put that aside for a day or two, because you still have to get the stuff from the last two meetings finished. Oh, plus there’s just the usual emails that come in from customers day to day, and oh there’s also the proactive opportunities that the account executives give you to chase with customers.

It ain’t a walk in the park… I’ll tell ya that. But I love it – I really do. There’s just so much to do, and it’s always changing – it doesn’t get mundaine and it isn’t even really repetitive either. It’s great stuff to be involved with the customers, and looking for different ways to solve their problems, or get around their weird and interesting requirements for mobile handsets and plans. So yeah, I’m loving it :)

Tomorrow is the awesome music day – although I already have the new Regurgitator album (it came out last week) – I will need to tell you about that soon. The day will be cool. And what will make it cooler is that I get to go and have a catch up lunch with Carlene :) It has been ages since we’ve caught up, so I’m really looking forward to seeing her.


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