The Whitlams’ personal advertising guru

So there was a huge media launch for new Telstra wireless data stuff this morning out at Fox Studios. It was a whole heap of fun to be a part of, and it went very very smoothly. Great publicity for the company.

The Sunrise gadget guy was there, and once the proceedings were over and there was some mingling, he did a couple of interviews, but then did a profile piece on all the newness that had just been launched. He was standing beside the stand that I had set up with a laptop, and so I asked if he wanted to use the laptop when he filmed. He said that’d be great.

So sneaky James has jumped into Bigpond’s music section and brought up the webcast of The Whitlams’ Saturday night show at the Opera House to run in the background of the story!

So when you watch Sunrise tomorrow morning and you see the laptop he’s holding, look for footage of Tim Freedman, and think of me :)



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