weekend cometh early

My mid-week blogging has been lacking somewhat recently. Pity.

But the end of the week came yesterday for me! I have scored today off work to head down to Blackstump fairly early and just have a relaxing afternoon. I’m just about to head out the door to go and buy me a nice camping chair, then off over to Rouse Hill & Riverstone to pick up Nick and Yoie for fun travels down to Appin.

Yesterday started out quite nicely – not a whole lot of work pending, and I was on top of it all anyway. We headed down to the pub for a great lunch…. but while I was away, the emails piled up quite consistently, and my plan of bailing on the office at 3:30-4 for an early getaway were shattered. I did leave at about 5 though. Still… frustrating. Not so much because there was work (that’s what my job is), but more the nature of it – it was all the crap stuff, the problems. Bah.

Looking forward to seeing many bands this weekend. I had a check of the programme last night – there’s gonna be a couple of close calls of overlapping bands I think. That would be sad. Also looking forward to seeing many friends – it will be a general hive of Sydney Christians who know each other because they’re Sydney Christians!

Fun times ahead indeed. I will update twitter with my funness.


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