awestruck, we fall to our knees

It’s incredibly late.

But I’ve been sitting up writing what started out as a testimony, but what seems to have turned into a short talk. I’m heading up to Kedron on Thursday evening to visit, and Mark Penna mentioned that he might like me to share a testimony. Now knowing other times that I’ve visited camps Mark’s run, the “might” goes out the window and it’s almost definite.

So since Saturday morning, I’ve been putting some thought into what I wanted to say. The awesome bit is that we’re walking to the top of the mountain beside Kedron at dusk… and we’ll be hanging out on top of the mountain for a while, which is where I’ll probably get to share. I’ll tell you, that’s a pretty cool place to be to do some talking about God – his awesomeness is so clear from up there. Even at night.

Tonight as I started to write some stuff down, it began to turn into more of a short talk – still fairly focused on the things I have learnt from God, but also talking about his majesty and power. I kinda got kick started with Isaiah 40… you know the bit that goes, “Who has measured off the heavens with His fingers?” Just thinking about that, and then looking up to the stars… it’s pretty flooring, that’s for sure.

So I will pray about it tomorrow night and do a bit of editing. I hope I’m listening to God right… and I hope it’s what he wants me to share.

It’s quite exciting. I’m hanging out to get there now. I love that place.


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