facebook groups are fun


  • Metella Rd Public School – my primary school
  • Toongabbie Baptist Church
  • Apostrophe Protection Society – ahhh… people who understand me and don’t think I’m obssessive
  • Sydney is better than Melbourne
  • Signs of life west of Parramatta
  • I grew up in Australia in the 90s
  • Official Sydney live music scene
  • Anything your PC can do, my Mac can do better
  • How to stay classy: things I learnt from Ron Burgundy
  • Sydney Christians who know each other because they’re Sydney Christians
  • Greystanes High School – Class of ’02 – my high school year
  • ccbaps – Campbelltown Baptist Church… I know so many of these guys I feel like I’m a part of their church
  • People who don’t sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason – me all over
  • The Boys’ Brigade Australia
  • I miss Australia’s Wonderland
  • Bring back Captain Planet to stop global warming
  • I appreciate Christian pick-up lines
  • If you can’t differentiate between “your” and “you’re”, you deserve to die
  • Coke good, Pepsi bad
  • There’s no one cooler than the oldest sibling
  • Sydney
  • Blackstump Christian Music and Arts Festival
  • You can take the kid outta Blacktown… – “For those who live, have lived, loved or have a connection to this western suburban paradise they’d rather not mention…”


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