frustrating morning and tough decisions. at least the traffic was good.

First up… a shout out to John Howard and K-Rudd: you guys have no idea how good the traffic is when school holidays are on. It’s just wonderful; beautiful; elegant. So if either of you can promise to keep school holidays on all the time, I will vote for your party in the election. Thank you.

My morning has been somewhat … myeh. I very nearly bricked a Maxon modem this morning, which would’ve made me very cranky. Luckily, it seemed to just be a USB glitch and all is good.

I’ve also been sitting here throwing thoughts back and forth about things. I frustrate me so much sometimes – it’s like I’m incapable of making a tough decision that might actually affect my life in a big way. I know God guides me and leads me… and I’m trying to defer to him. But there’s still an element of me actually taking the plunge if I think He’s pointing me in the right direction. And I just can’t do that – what if I make the wrong decision?

Myeh indeed.


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