guitar string breaking frustration

Frustration central last night. I was playing my guitar a bit, and the string broke. And I am taking it to Kedron with me this evening because they don’t have any musos this week and Mark is looking forward to having a chance to do some singing with the kids.

I’ve got all the strings off early this morning… but now I have to go and buy new strings, restring it this arvo, and then just grit my teeth and bare the pain of playing with new strings.

One thing I am glad of is that I played the guitar last night and it snapped then. If I hadn’t played last night, it would’ve snapped this evening when I was already up there… with no spare strings or pliers to enable me to restring my guitar.

I’m about to take a walk across town to Red Eye Records… They called me and let me know a CD I’ve been waiting for has arrived: The Rocket Summer‘s album Do You Feel. The Rocket Summer are quite interesting… cos it’s basically just this one guy who plays all the instruments on the album. He has a live band, but does all the recording himself.

Am I buying too many CDs lately? I think so.

My thoughts are with B at the moment as he battles to retrieve soggy cornflakes from the innards of Vicki, his Powerbook. Not cool at all. Although, latest updates via Twitter suggest that she might be ok…!

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    To many Cds…not possible


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