Plain White Ts and a quiet corporate day

I am liking this day – it is all quiet in corporate land. I have managed to escape for a Yum Cha lunch, and it was even more exciting when Telstra paid for it. How lovely. This arvo though, I’ve been fighting desperately to keep a customer’s data cards with us. It’s hard being the best – your pricing is certainly never the cheapest when you’re the best. “Sell the value,” they tell us. Phfft. I love it when the pricing people tell us that – they don’t have to talk to the customer!

I got suckered into JB HiFi on my walk back from Yum Cha this arvo. I gots me a copy of the Plain White Ts‘ album. Have heard these guys on myspace and like their sound. Their most well known song seems to be Hey There Delilah. I definitely feel like I’ve heard that song before – perhaps on a movie or something.

They seem to be a band of Christians. The thing I like about that is that at least their lyrics aren’t going to make me cringe. They’re just gonna be words about life, perhaps from a Christian perspective. But no swearing in my music is always a good thing.


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