it could be, it should be, it could be something great.

yo, what’s up?

Leaving work now. A post 6pm finish two days in a row. Could be bad… but it’s not. Major difference is that today I’m actually feeling pretty positive.

It could be that the $400k revenue from a single deal that the customer signed this month has finally hit my sales numbers and so they now look awesome (my target is $150k/mth). It could be that I got to hang out with Lyndal while she hung out on our floor today. It could be the awesome mini-cookies I discovered in the Sydney Central Plaza food court and devoured for afternoon tea. It could be that I am now all set for 3 weeks off in January. Or it could be that I had a chance to have a great chat with my boss, share some concerns, and see some genuine care from her.

It’s all of those things. Myeh, still had a lot of work to do this evening – but it was cos I was out of the office, having some great meetings with customers, and doing great at my job. And getting me on the way to some good sales hopefully! :) So I’m ok with that.

Glad that things turned around. Cheers for that, God.

Tomorrow is hang out evening with Kate to get the all-important music set up for her 21st. Yay for me – I get to hang out with her on her actual 21st! Woo! Right now, it’s time to race home and hang with the bible study boys… albeit just a fraction late.

  1. Kate’s avatar

    ‘yo, whats up”?? really!!
    heheh cya tomorrow night!
    ‘your way to beautiful girl…..”


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