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It has been a while between posts…Thursday night Kedron meeting went really well. God was with us and we accomplished a lot. I left feeling very excited that all the activities have now been organised. It is now up to me to organise my parts over the next month or so, and also to check in on all the other leaders to see if they need any help too. It’s exciting and peaceful to realise that God is constantly working for us.

Friday… well Friday wasn’t too bad. It was d-day for one of my customers: we were migrating their entire mobile fleet from their old CDMA phones onto new ones. We’d spent the last couple of weeks doing all the preparation, like getting the phones all handed out and training some 70 people on how to use them… and yesterday was the day they were supposed to changeover. But very, very frustrating system issues plagued it all day. The migration kept getting pushed back and back, and then at 4pm I just decided to leave it until Monday cos I didn’t want things happening after 5 when people have already left their office.

It’s not so bad (the two hours I spent just waiting at their office was a bit frustrating though), cos it will all probably be super smooth on Monday. But they were entitled to this credit per service that was changed before the end of November. So I’m gonna have to fight that out with pricing on Monday as well. You’d think it would be a cinch considering it was an unavoidable systems error… but Telstra like to make things more fun than that :)

Today is piano practice day big time. Time to really get into some Christmas carols :) And there is also much V8 coverage to watch – it’s the last round of the championship this weekend, and I will be keen to see Tander lose the championship! And I was going to do some washing too… but this happened last weekend too – I did some washing, and then it started raining. And our dryer is broken. :(


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