7th December

The day part of my day was pretty cool. I spent a grand total of about 15 minutes in the office – the morning was out at a meeting in Lane Cove, then the afternoon was out to lunch with a customer as a thanks for their business for the year that Telstra paid for. Very good food and very good wine. I muchly enjoyed my day I think! I will have quite a bit of work to do on Monday I think, cos I didn’t get through many emails at all, but that’s all good… I’ll deal with that then.

My evening however wasn’t so fantastic. Carols practice was tonight… and my laziness last night meant that I didn’t practice carols at all last night, and that showed this evening. I don’t like it one bit when I don’t play keys well… it frustrates me immensely. So after doing some washing tomorrow morning, it will be down to the church to do some serious practice.

And I also still have on my mind a close friendship that is far from where it should be. I’m not enjoying it one bit and it’s really getting me down. I am hoping I will be forgiven.Right now though, people have gone, Scrubs has been watched, drinks have been had, and that’s the 7th December done for another year.

  1. Kev’s avatar

    Happy birthday! I guess it’s belated now, though it’s only 7 a.m. on Friday in my corner of the world. Hope things are going well, and sorry I haven’t been around here much lately; it’s been a crazy semester.


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