a weekend check-in

I’m enjoying hanging out at home, and thinking about having a good steak for lunch.

This morning was round one of Carols ’07 down at Toonie. I felt pretty good this morning – I spent a couple of hours down there yesterday afternoon having a practice and working out some nice pads to go behind some of the songs. It meant that I felt a lot more relaxed and confident this morning. It went really well and the music was tops :) Great fun indeed. I’m really looking forward to tonight.

I do need a nap this arvo though… I stayed up too late last night finishing off Season 6 of Scrubs – it took me a grand total of 3 days to watch the entire season :) It was a good season; definitely not the best – it had more one off awesome episodes than a good season overall. But when it came to the final episode, I was yelling at the tv. It was incredibly frustrating!! I won’t spoil it in case people are planning on watching it, but I am now patiently waiting for season 7, hoping that the storyline gets put back onto the non-stupid-and-annoying-and-predictable path.

Off to Woolies to get me some steak.


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