back in the day……

It’s been a couple of fairly busy days at work. I am muchly looking forward to the end of next week – no holidays, but it’s just when the corporate world shuts down and so my days become a massive amount quieter! But I think that before then it might get busier…

Today I spent the day out at our fulfilment centre in Regents Park. The guys there are really under the pump with a massive amount of orders to process and fulfilment delays getting greater and greater. So me and another sales guy who used to work there headed out to spend the day there and just be an extra couple of heads processing orders to try and help them out. It was good times, and it didn’t take me long at all to remember how to do everything after 2 and a half years :) I’ll be back out there on Thursday to help out again… not too much work built up today, so hopefully Thursday will be the same.

Tomorrow we have people from iMate and Sony Ericsson coming in to show us their new handsets that are due to be released early in the new year, so that will be exciting. Tomorrow we’re also having a girls and guys bible study dinner, which should also be super.

Still trying to deal with everything that I wrote about on Sunday night… not much has changed at all, but getting back into a week of work has kinda helped it just leave my immediate mind.


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