“I, uhhh, left my phone on top of my car and drove off…”

Australia’s top five ways to accidentally damage mobile phones.

Whilst I don’t think these stats use the most reliable source (“…According to Telstra customer service consultants…”), it is still quite humourous to read an account of a guy who went back to get his mobile after back burning a sugar cane field – it was just a little burnt. But it still worked! Pic here.

“New mobile phones … are packed with the latest technology so you need to treat them with respect, as you would a computer or a fine bottle of wine.”

Not quite sure how a mobile phone compares to a bottle of wine… but ok. :)

edit: smh article.

  1. howie’s avatar

    I’ve put one through the wash, it didnt survive!
    but it did come out smelling like omo


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