It’s been good to see Telstra bashing getting a bit less common. But the ACCC aren’t helping things. A court decided today that Telstra’s “Everywhere You Need It” line was misleading customers. I think that’s pretty stupid that people can’t take advertising with a grain of salt. I mean, I hope that the ACCC go and have a chat with Optus, cos I’ve been mislead for the last year thinking that wildlife are able to operate Optus’ mobile phones.

I’ve actually had a great day today – went into work extremely early to catch myself up on a lot of work that I had to do, and got most of it done by about 9 or 10, meaning that I had the rest of the day for the meetings and work that was due to come in. I had a bit of fun this arvo playing dectective, and hunting through different mobile systems trying to find out who’d been stuffing around with a corporate customers’ account. I found out that it was a retail shop manager… which was strange. So I’ve called and emailed him and am waiting for a please explain. It’s frustrating in the end though – cos we’re gonna have to credit them a few thousand dollars :(

I’ve always wondered why people change their mobile number… there’s some people who seem to change it every couple of years. I always figured that you can take your mobile number to whatever carrier you want, so why change it? The downside of that though is that you leave yourself open to getting annoying prank calls from probably some clowns from high school.

Tonight is relaxing night for me. I’m gonna play a bit of xbox, watch some Scrubs season 6, and get the keyboard out and have a run through of the carols.


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