relaxing times

What a wonderful couple of days it’s been. Even today has actually been pretty tops considering I had to come back at work. I’m starting to struggle now though as the early afternoon kicks in… kinda looking forward to getting outta here and heading home.

Boxing Day was a lot of fun yesterday. We headed round to the Jennings’ place and just hung out for most of the day. We got there mid-morning and didn’t leave until about 11pm :) The day involved watching the cricket, playing Australian Monopoly, eating lots of food, down to the cricket nets, then back home for dinner, Phase 10, more Monopoly… and then eventually home. It was quite a lot of fun, and a great way to spend Boxing Day I think :)

Today hasn’t been so bad… I actually got quite a bit of work done this morning that needed to be done. We’ve just come back from a fairly long lunch down at the pub… but it was really good having about 10 of us around and all free to just go and chat and enjoy each other’s company. I ended up having a great conversation with my boss and another person about Islam and Christianity and the differences between our faiths and beliefs. Actually, I’ve had a lot of these conversations with these guys since I began at Telstra some 3 years ago… and they’ve always been very open conversations – there’s never been any hostility or frustration at the other person for not sharing the same belief.

It’s frustrating from my point of view because they’re very similar people to me – that is, they are so certain and sure of their faith, and no other “religion” can come in and change that sureity. It’s funny though, because that is exactly how I feel – no other belief¬†or God or path to¬†Heaven will stray me from the sureity I have in Christ.

Even though that may be the case, I still enjoy telling them so much about Christianity; about the fact that I’m only perfect through Jesus’ sacrifice and am otherwise never going to be good enough to get to Heaven [which is the thing they stuggle to understand]. And I’m actually really enjoying hearing and learning more about Islam and how it differs, and also how there are a lot of similarities too.

Looking forward to having dinner with my cousin and her little family tonight. Her son is only 14 months old… he’s adorable :) It will be good to see him again!


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