scrubs’ final season – it will happen!

The very last season of Scrubs is currently airing in the US. But like many TV shows over there, things stopped happening in the background when this writers’ strike kicked in – no new episodes were getting written, and the episodes that were written stopped being made. Out of the 22 episode season that was commissioned, only 16 have been written… potentially leaving a gaping hole as to how the show will end.

But after some hunting around on Google News, it was good to see that although the episodes still haven’t been written, Bill Lawrence [the show's creator and EP] is going to make sure show finishes:

But rest assured, the series will get its proper farewell, strike or no strike. Bill said they have not yet written the last six, but they’re already outlined, and he knows how it will all play out. “We’re not going to leave a lot of loose ends undone. We’re gonna wrap things up for all the fans that have stuck with us for seven years. I’m going to find a way. I imagine the [final season] DVD would actually sell a lot better if it includes a few unseen episodes. And if it doesn’t make economic sense to do that, we’ll shoot ‘em in my backyard and put ‘em on YouTube.”
E! Online [warning - season 7 spoilers follow]


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