the end of the day draws nearer.

Today has been quite possibly the most un-fantastic day in a long time.

I arrived at work this morning not feeling too bad at all. I knew that the sales rep that works alongside me was on leave, and so I had most of her customers to look after this week as well as mine. But I was ok with that - she desperately needs a break, and we always look out for each other. But then I found out that the 3rd sales rep in our segment was on training all week and had told his customers and account team to contact me for any problems… but without talking to me first. So I’ve gone from managing my usual patch of one, to managing three, and being incredibly frustrated along the way.

The workload sucks, but that’s not what annoys me. It’s the fact that he didn’t have the courtesy to come and talk to me about me looking after his customers this week. He copped a bit of a serve from me this morning after he played the naieve card of being “new to this role” and not knowing how things worked… but seriously, I wouldn’t thrust all my customers onto him with no warnning, so why should he do it to me?

It probably wouldn’t be so bad it if was just work that was bothering me… but it’s being amplified by other issues that have nothing to do with work that have dragged themselves here with me. Not fun.

I can’t believe I’ve had 4 coffees already today.

And I somehow have to forget about all this crap and take myself to a meeting for the senior high Kedron camp tonight and be positive and provide input. Blah.

  1. B’s avatar

    you can do it Jimmy – that Jesus fella and the Holy Spirit at work in you – between the three of you – I rekon it will all be good.


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