keep being patient and trusting in God

I got told that several times this evening. Perhaps the person who told me wanted me to remember it :) I’m going to try and keep it in my head all week – I really need to at the moment, I think.

Things around me are changing a lot. Although, I say that, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of change from the outside. But I definitely feel like I’m in the midst of something pretty big. Don’t quite know where things are headed; don’t quite know if I’m really ready to even go there. It mainly seems to be relationships and friendships that are changing… but they’re such an incredibly huge part of who I am that it feels like all of me is changing.

I think I’m starting to waffle a bit now.

There’s two weeks of solid work left before the Christmas quiet… it will be incredibly welcomed! In the midst of this next two weeks are another couple of lunches and Christmas work things, so they will be welcomed in amongst the work. And after Friday’s lunch (and me actually turning my phone off at 3pm), I think tomorrow morning might be a bit hectic. But my good friend who sits behind me at work will be back from leave on Monday, and so it will be great to hand back her work to her :)


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