you live/grew up in Sydney if…

  • The following phrase will ring proud in your heart forever: “And the winner is… SYDE-NEY!”
  • If you live on the Northern Beaches, crossing the bridge is for special occasions only, and a mission at that.
  • Comparatively, Shire-ites experience this feeling in crossing Tom Ugly’s.
  • You’ve hugged the “free hugs” guy who spreads the love at Pitt St Mall
  • You know the dude who stands at the corner or George and Market Streets outside Myer, pleading for money for his “Supreme Court Trial”.
  • You’ve never done bridge climb, and you’re never planning on it.
  • “At night, rave near the guard’s compartment, naked with a blue light” means something to you.
  • You went on multiple school camps at Narrabeen
  • In what could only be described as some form of punishment, you went on a school camp to Canberra, complete with visit to Parliament House and that damn lake with the big fountain. Thanks to this trip, however, we know never to bother going to Canberra AGAIN.
  • The best trips were always the school camps to Jindabyne!
  • Still on school: you had multiple visits from a giraffe who called himself “Harold”.
  • “No hat no play” being drilled into your head made you the UV-aware person that you are today.
  • You can understand just what the train guards are saying on the PA announcements (For the record, it’s usually: “Stand clear, doors closing”)
  • You haven’t been to the zoo, except on a primary school excursion where you threw stuff at the animals. (or alternatively.. zoo? what zoo?)
  • You know that the “Bra Boys” are anything BUT cross-dressers.
  • You can pronounce and spell the following: Coogee, Woolloomooloo, Wollongong, Parramatta, Woronora, Warawee, Wahroonga, Waitara, Yagoona
  • You know that Turramurra and Tamarama are two different places.
  • The sight of drag queens does not phase you.
  • If the train is expected in ten minutes or less you figure CityRail is having a good day!
  • The beauty of the harbour does not surprise you
  • Riding the ferry is not for leisure or pleasure, but a mode of transport.
  • However…You don’t even use the ferry as a form of transport because its too slow.
  • You know what tzatziki, baklava, hommous, yum-cha, pad thai, dolmades, tabbouleh and pide are and you’ve eaten all of them.
  • You know how to say hello (and possibly some swear words) in at least one language other than English. Most likely Croat/Serb/Bosnian/Macedonian, Greek, Arabic and possibly Indonesian or Chinese.
  • You see a guy wearing pink, and don’t automatically think he’s gay
  • You know straight men can drink soy lattés, too.
  • You’ve heard the following uttered from a dog statue: “Hello my name is Ivan, I was once the dog of the great Queen Victoria……..If you toss a coin in I will thank you. Thank you. Woof Woof!”
  • You NEVER catch the monorail and think it’s a useless, expensive-to-catch piece of crap. Monorail = so 80s.
  • You know it might be quicker to walk from Central to Circular Quay at any given time than catch a bus down George St or a train.
  • You’re scared that when you walk past Town Hall steps at any given time, two dozen emo children are going commit mass suicide, declaring “It’s a cruel, cruel world, maaaan.”
  • You think: what is it with P-Plated Subaru WRXs on George St Friday and Saturday nights. And Industrie shirts with the collars up.
  • Fireworks just don’t get you excited anymore. Here’s a short list of the occasions for which the City of Sydney has/has had fireworks.-Australia Day-Anzac Day-NYE (x2)-The Sydney Harbour Bridge’s birthday-Queen’s Birthday-ANZAC Day-When the QE2 departed Sydney Harbour-The Easter Show… oh not just one night, but each and every night!-Chinese New Year-The Australian Idol Grand Finale (every year!)-Rugby League Games 
  • The Easter Show is something that’s only okay to go to until you’re 16, and only after that if you’re taking your OWN kids.
  • Following on from the Easter Show, you think Showbags at the Show are a waste of money, but still end up with almost more than you can carry.
  • It’s not called the Underground, the metro, the tube or the subway, but it’s just called “the train”.
  • You know it’s pronounced Circular “Key” not “Kway”.
  • You hate the State Labor Government, but somehow they still keep getting elected. They promise change; it doesn’t come. Then they get re-elected.
  • You wear a scarf/gloves/beanie/puffer jacket when the temperature hits below 18 degrees.
  • You laugh when people say they’re from “The Shire”. 
  1. Rollo’s avatar

    Queen Victoria’s little Scottish Terrier was called “Islay”

    P-Plates are illegal on a WRX and almost every turbo-charged car except the Smart ForTwo.


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