I’m sitting down on the beach at quite possibly the best cafe ever. Let me show you what I mean…

that is the view from my table

Despite the fact that it’s incredibly overcast and just drizzling slightly (thanks to my umbrella ella ella over my head), it’s still only mild, and I’m happily sitting here in jeans and just a shirt. Imagine sitting here on a beautiful sunny day though – that’s what we did on Sunday, and it was just awesome. To top it off, the coffee here is pretty sensational as well, annnnnd they give you a little biscuit with your coffee :) Sitting here at Enzo’s cafe was one of the things I was looking forward to doing when I came up here. And this is only the second time. I think tomorrow I will get up early and come here and have eggs benedict.

So yesterday was supposed to be present buying day. That didn’t happen unfortunately. Well it did, but I didn’t get my present. There was a lot of waiting involved… nearly two hours actually… and then it just wasn’t going to happen yesterday. Still holding out hope for today.

Right now, I need to sit here (as the rain begins to become more of a shower than a drizzle) and right up a cover letter and fix up my resume to send off to someone. Excitement! It’s nothing major… but I’ll share later. :)

  1. howie’s avatar

    your getting a job at TEAR aswell?

  2. James’s avatar

    No no… that would be something major!


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