So the government have played their annoying card and have decided that Telstra can’t turn off CDMA in 10 days time. I had to laugh a bit when I heard that this evening, cos just this morning I was talking to my uncle about CDMA stuff and realised that the government had been awfully quiet the last 6-8 weeks about CDMA. But then I stopped laughing and realised all the work we’d done with our customers to get them on Next G and make sure they’re happy and fixing any problems really quickly. And now we find out that we didn’t have to rush around going crazy over it all, and we now have until late April!

I’m quite glad I’m not going to be at work next week – I think morale might be quite low having heard that on the news this evening. I’m wondering if we even got told before it hit the media. Anyway… I’m on holidays, so I’m going to try and make that the last I think about it for a week and a bit!

Cos round two of Kedron starts in just a few days. Exciting that I have all day at home tomorrow – I don’t head off to camp until Sunday morning! So tomorrow will be washing day, and just hanging with people. It will be quite awesome I think!

I’m frustrating myself about the program for next week though – I sat down last night and started going through it in detail and getting familiar with it… and just kept getting really frustrated that I didn’t actually plan this program! I’m a control freak. So I’ve changed a few things around and fixed up some timing that I think wasn’t going to work… and we’ll see what happens! It will be nice to get there though – again, I’m a little unsettled now, but as soon as camp starts, it will all just flow and be fine. It’s just the waiting that makes me anxious.

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    if you were on the ci dist list, you got told as it appeared in the media.. and then there it was on the intranet and then two hours later, an email from deena!! no low morale, everyone was laughing (albeit mine was slightly hysterical after a 10 hour non stop work day to get a report done with revenue figures for every SIO for christine by cob!!) and the beers were pulled out… enjoy your last week of holidays, it will be good to have you back :D


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