enjoying a tops last few days of holidays

What a wondrous few days it has been before heading back to work.

Today was the icing on that cake, as B and I trekked off out to Canowindra to fetch some Splashe. In the end, no other allies could be found for the journey (some chose to sleep in – lazy), and so just B and I headed off at about 8am. We made good time, travelling through Bathurst, and then out through Blayney and down the fun Mandurama-Canowindra road. Splashe was fetched just after midday! And two cold ones for the road.

We headed back through Orange, stopping for lunch at the Mt Canobolas Steakhouse where there was lots and lots of meat… and you can cook it yourself too – don’t know why you would. And then continued heading back down into Sydney, twittering all the way.

Pics are here.

Then tonight I headed round to Jen & Howie’s place for dinner and Die Hard education with Debbie. It was quite a fun night hanging out, and quite fun laughing at the silliness of Die Hard 2. I’ve been told that number 3 is much, much better, and so I am very much looking forward to the third instalment soon :) They fed me some awesome Spaghetti Bolognaise – well, Jenny did – and I brought apple pie and ice cream for dessert, and Debbie brought chocolates for 2nd dessert :)

It successfully helped me forget that I have work tomorrow. :) But I do… and I think I’m ok with that. I’m quite determined to ease myself into work tomorrow and not just jump into everything and stress myself crazy. That’s what I’m praying for anyway.

God is indeed very, very cool. I enjoyed more driving home praying this evening. I feel like I’m at a really new level in my relationship with God – and it’s so, so good. I don’t want to lose it by going back to work. I’ll tell you, things are just too good being this close to God.

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    while you are procrastinating at work you should get yourself on blogfeed


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