home from camp

I am home from camp and have had a semi-good night’s sleep to try and gain some energy back.

It was a pretty fantastic week… but a very different one to other camps I’ve done. It was hugely more relaxed than I ever could have expected, and that actually challenged me a lot; I like running camps that have clear timetables and run according to time, etc. And yes, I know that makes me sound like a control freak, but I love doing it, and for the younger kids, it means that it is hugely more structured and they don’t muck up as much.

But this camp was all about just going with the flow, and there were so many changes each day – I think only 1 day went according to the program that was prepared. The rest changed on the fly, or things were dropped, or shifted… it was crazy. And it challenged me to think on my feet and to listen to God. We had some awesome moments where God showed us what he wanted us to do through some of the other leaders, by them suggesting that perhaps we don’t do this activity and do this one instead, and on following those through, we had some awesome times with the kids.

I say kids, but these guys were all young adults. Even the couple of 14 and 15 year olds that were there. It was quite awesome to watch them during the week and to see the next bunch of young leaders coming up. God has gifted so many of these kids with leadership qualities at such a young age, and it was very moving at times to hear how passionate they were about using their lives for God.

I am very open as to what will happen next January – whether I’ll be involved again or not. It’s strange – I’m usually very quick to commit to the next camp (and the next camp for this is 12 months away) this early on. But for some reason, this time around I’m just sitting back and am going to let God lead me as to what will happen next January.

Today is washing day, and new tyres day, and then going round to help Dad do some stuff in the backyard.
Then movies tonight :)


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