It has been quite an enjoyable week and a half: only working half-days, if at all; many fun times with friends; many fun times with family; and some awesome times at church that have made me feel incredibly loved and part of an amazing family.

But tomorrow I head back to work, and things will begin to head back to normal in that part of the world. While there’s only 3 days of work before I have three weeks off (just that phrase “three weeks off” makes me smile), I think those three days are going to be somewhat chaotic. There’s a pretty major project that needed to be done by the end of next week, with the majority of it being done this week by me before I head off for three weeks. Problem is that I haven’t been able to get any of it done in the last week or two because there have been major problems with the system we use to port mobile numbers across from other carriers (which is what this requires)… and I don’t know if things will be fixed this week. It will be interesting.

Then of course, there’s Kedron at the end of this week. I was thinking earlier on that I’ll be completely fine with everything once camp begins – I’ll be able to roll with whatever happens and just really enjoy the week. But until then, I’m really nervous about everything… I keep going over things in my head and wondering if there’s things I’ve missed. I don’t think I normally get like this in the lead up to the July camps… but I am now. I am looking forward to Yoie and Nick coming over tomorrow evening though – we’ll have a chance to go over everything, and most importantly, some time to pray about everything and for each other. It will be great.

And just when I thought I was struggling with this camp alone, and looking forward to being “just a leader” at the senior high camp at the end of my 3 weeks…

Just as I began to write this post, I got a phone call asking if I could be the program director for said Senior High Camp at the end of Jan. I guess the bonus is that the program’s already done – I just need to administer it during the week. Still… something to pray and think about. But my initial instinct is to say yes… of course :)


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