new toy!

Finally today I got my present :)

Sony Ericsson K850iSony Ericsson K850i
Muchly excited! What a brilliant phone this is… and it’s good to be back using a Sony Ericsson again – they are just such simple and wonderful phones. The menu system, graphics and general feel of the phone are all just so easy. The big bonus with this phone (and probably the biggest drawcard for me) is the 5MP camera. And not only does it have the huge megapixel amount, but it also packs a pretty sensational lens as well. I’ve taken a few pics tonight and am liking the quality. I guess I’ll find out more as time goes by.

I’d thought recently about getting a digital camera finally, but then thought that I’d only really want to take “happy-snaps”, and so spending a few hundred dollars on one, and then forgetting to take it everywhere seemed stupid. Thus the K850i – if the pics are half as good as I’m expecting, then I will really have no need for a digital camera. Having a SE phone again means that photo blogging returns! You see, all recent SE phones have a “blog this” function that publishes straight to Blogger, and bypasses the whole MMS thing that you usually have to do to photoblog via Blogger (and that isn’t available from Australian numbers). And hopefully my photo blogging will be a little more frequent than when it finished up 12 months ago and I switched across to a Motorola.

A nicety that is more for looks than anything, is the phone’s very cool “buttons” along the bottom of the screen. They’re actually not physical buttons, but rather, the bottom section of the screen is a touch surface. So they’ve saved room and made a bigger screen by losing some buttons, and then overlapping those buttons with the bottom bit of the screen. Cool.

I reckon the only downside of the phone is its size. But I’m not at all worried considering the features of it, and if you have a camera of that quality inside, you can’t expect it to be battling for title of the world’s smallest phone.


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